"Wellington/NZ Cities" is the most recent project that I have been working on since November 2016 till now.

I have been trying to capture and paint landscapes, cities/towns, moments of life, seashores and people of this beautiful country New Zealand.

I often take photos of things/places/people that interest me, which has got some story to tell and is of full of colors. I take time to decide what to paint. Based on the narration of the photos, I make minor changes while painting them.

Watercolor is the first choice for this "Wellington/NZ Cities" project and so far I have painted more than 25 stories, most of them are exhibited in the Art Collection section.

"Chronicles of India" Project is closer to my soul. I have picked up this project in year 2017 and will be running it in parallel to my other projects.

The objective of this Project is to show the beautiful stories of an amazing country India. Paintings will tell these stories, based on people, cities and vibrant cultures.

I will be using Watercolor as a medium to express my words in this project. Paintings will be listed in the watercolor gallery

"Protect Wildlife" was my first project, which I started in the Summer season (November) while being in Wellington, in the year 2015.

I wanted to send out the message through my Art works to save and protect wildlife. Only this Planet Earth, has got these wide varieties of Animals. 


Charcoal was the medium I chose to work on. In this Project "Protect Wildlife" I couldn't generate many but three large Art Works (50x72cm). These Artworks took more than 3 months to complete. Each of the charcoal based Artwork is very detailed and gives a royal impression to its viewer. Listed here.

Later two of them were exhibited at NZAFA (New Zealand Academy Fine Arts) - in "Art from the Heart" exhibition.

"Beautiful People" project has been around for long, since year 2015 and I will be picking it up again by the end of year 2017.

Project has been and will be dedicated to all those who are close to me and from whom I learnt and get inspired.

Mix of mediums, like colored pencils, watercolor paint, charcoal and acrylic will be used in this project called "Beautiful People". Few of my Artworks are listed in my personal collection and this collection will grow in the coming months/years.

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