Logo represents an inverted triangle & a letter 'G' in its center. Triangle signify the importance of Family, Devotion and Arts in Varun's life, and letter 'G' is taken from his Family name. Triangle also graphically represents the initial letter of  Varun's first name.

This logo is owned by Varun Gupta and represents his Art works.

Here words will fall short to describe my passion for Art.

I (on left in the photo) have been inclined towards paintings and sketches since my childhood and inherited the artistic skills from my lovely father (in middle in the photo). 

Since my childhood, I have been encouraged by all my near and dears specially my mother, brother (on right in the photo), sister.

Professionally I am an Architect in the IT Industry and working well towards my professional goals. On the other hand, I pursue Art as a medium to relax and a way to meditate. It helps me to portrait my words and imaginations onto paper/canvas with the help of different colors.

My father has had a great influence on me, as I have taken a little from him, as far as Art skill is concerned. He is a great scholar, teacher and an amazing artist.

Presently I am based in New Zealand, with my lovable daughter and wife, who supports and appreciates my artistic skills.

Whenever I get sometime and peace of mind, I prefer to sketch and paint. Someone gave a compliment that 'Artists are the veins of our beautiful city (Wellington)' during one of the exhibitions of my art works, and I feel the same way. 

I would take this as an opportunity to get closer to the Art lovers and use this medium to show my little efforts. 

I Thank You for your support, appreciation and for your visit.

Varun Gupta

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